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Yoga Rope Wall: How To Make And Install It At Home

The Yoga Hanging Wall or Rope Wall is a really unique way to deepen your yoga experience. I've used it several times now and now am hooked! Through YouTube I found the following videos that make installation look easy ~ even for me! Come see for yourself as these fellows explain the tools you'll need, demonstrate installation, and then try out a few poses to illustrate.


  1. How to install yoga wall hanging ropes
  2. How To Mount Yoga Wall Ropes (without screwing anything into walls/doors)
  3. How to Make Yoga Ropes



These videos are provided to you through YouTube Videos.  Wall ropes and other props are used in the Iyengar style of yoga and are a very effective means of getting people into difficult postures effectively and safely.

These videos are provided by the individuals who employ them. YogaRestores and video owners take no responsibility in the use or installation of these items.

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