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Surya Namaskar “A” Poses

Sun Salutation: Great for Beginners!

Surya Namaskar "A" is probably the easiest Sun Salutation to learn and perform. You are free to copy and print these photos and practice, practice, practice. Soon enough you'll notice a difference in your agility, strength, and grace.                                     * See below for details.

"Sun Salutations"

 Before beginning any exercise it's important to have the physician's approval, to keep you safe. Some inverted poses (which are included even in the simplest poses) can cause the blood pressure to rise. Also be careful not to push yourself past the "edge" of comfort. It's no fun to injure yourself and be out of commission for weeks or months.

Note: Click on photo to enlarge.

The article, "Sun Salutations"  explains the basics around frequency, breathing and floor space needed. There are many great books available on yoga but it is best to see it demonstrated through personal Yoga Instruction, video/DVD instruction, or YouTube Instruction- so that you don't have to flip pages, read and hold the book open while trying to position yourself.

An instructor can describe how to enter and exit the pose, how to breath, and what muscles to activate or not. She/he will help you into a healthy posture and keep you in balance while you enjoy.

Feel free to leave a comment below if I can answer a question, concern, or if you'd like more challenge or more variety. Enjoy and be well!~


(ps) Many thanks to YogaLifeStyle.com for allowing us to reprint this photo.                      


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