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Welcome to Yoga Restores

Live Thoughtfully, Happily and with Compassion Through Yoga

 Regular yoga strengthens and tones the body, it increases flexibility and range of motion and it offers a beautiful sense of well being. Come and be invigorated and experience calm all in the same class!

 Yoga Restores brings together kindred spirits in a warm environment so that we flourish as individuals and grow together as a group.

"Awaken to an all encompassing bliss – through yoga." 

Come and enjoy a level 1-2 yoga class; beginners are most welcome. New and exciting classes each week will have you motivated and reaping the benefits within a very short time. Our classes are 90minutes long and include both yoga and a 10-12min Shvasana, a lovely relaxation session. Contact me to check class availability and bring a friend, if you know someone who may benefit. See you soon!


What will I bring to class? A yoga mat. (Bolsters, blocks, blankets & eye pillows are here for your use.)

For the comfort of severe allergy sufferers, this is an unscented environment. (Thank you for not wearing perfumes, scented hair products or scented deodorants.)


Looking forward to seeing youNamaste, Heather